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General Terms & Conditions


The following is a brief overview of our rental policies. This summary is intended as a quick reference guide, providing answers to commonly asked questions. However, the information contained herein does not substitute for the stipulations set forth in the actual rental agreement.


Cancellations or changes to a reservation must be received at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled rental start date; otherwise, a 1-day rental will be billed to the renter’s credit card.

  • Cancel/change more than 48 hours before pickup time: USD20 fee.
  • Cancel/change within 24 hours of pickup time: USD50 fee.
  • ‘No-Show’ or declining pickup: USD100 fee.

All rental rates are based on 24-hour increments. We offer a 1-hour “grace” period. If the vehicle is returned one hour after the completion of a 24-hour term, then the equivalent of one rental day will be added to the invoice. All published rates constitute official rates and are subject to change.

User Judgment & Safety:

Insurance is not a replacement for common sense.

Directional guidance, whether through Google Maps, Waze, Nav-Sat or another GPS, should be evaluated first for safety. The renter is ultimately and solely responsible for their actions regardless of whether the navigational device directs them to drive outside tourist areas, straight into a lake or off a bridge. Blindly following any direction may cause serious injury or death.

Poas will not be held responsible for any third-party service; including customer-purchased products. Cell service is provided by Claro CR Telecomunicacions, S.A.. “Waze” is a Google product. Consult their Terms of Service before use. Update map software for best results.

Policies & Procedures:

  1. All pricing is in U.S. Dollars (USD).
  2. Any modifications to a reservation may affect the final rate.
  3. All vehicles are non-smoking due to Costa Rican law. Charges will be incurred if a vehicle’s interior smells of smoke on return. See Line E below.
  4. Pets are allowed, but the renter is solely responsible to remove any hair or pet-related marks/stains before returning the vehicle. Any interior damage and/or required cleaning due to pets will incur a charge. See Line E below. Pet damage is not included in any coverage option offered by Poas nor a credit card provider.
  5. If cleaning is required; whether for smoking, pets or other accidents, there will be a charge. Average range: USD20 for vacuuming sand to a USD100+ deep carpet cleaning.
  6. Vehicle fuel level upon return must be the same as indicated at rental start. Missing fuel is billed at rates set forth in the rental agreement. Excess fuel is not reimbursable.
  7. Any cell phone on the rental agreement is the renter’s responsibility, including: any additional data/apps on the device, hotspot usage, and/or the quality of the transferred data. If the phone is not returned at the end of the rental, or if it’s deemed unusable for any reason, including viruses, the renter will be billed for the replacement/service of the phone as indicated below on Line H below. Poas does not guarantee 100% uptime and service is provided “as is”.
  8. The replacement costs for lost/damaged items are: GPS USD250, cell phone USD300, license plates USD100, car documents USD50, keys — ranging from USD100 to USD1,000 depending on make/model. Prices may increase if travel time is involved.
  9. If the vehicle sustains damage that is not covered by our waiver, is used in rivers, on beaches, or if the driver commits any infraction according to Costa Rica traffic law, Poas Rent A Car reserves the right to collect for damages, fines or interests as indicated by the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT).
  10. If, for any reason, there is a delay in reporting traffic infractions to our personnel, Poas Rent A Car reserves the right to collect fines for up to 180 calendar days after the end of the rental by invoicing the renter’s credit card on file. Poas Rent A Car will provide all copies of the infraction(s).
  11. In the case of an accident, the renter must wait for a Highway Police official (Transito) and an insurance adjustor to complete the respective forms. The completed documents must then be submitted to our offices at the first opportunity. In case of an incident in a rural zone, a declaration to the appropriate judicial or administrative authorities closest to the location of the event must be made. It is mandatory, for the purpose of invoking CDW indemnity, that the renter makes an official declaration before a judicial authority. Failure to submit proper documentation will invalidate all CDW waivers.
  12. By entering into a contract for hire, the renter implicitly accepts all stipulations set forth in the General Terms & Conditions and the Rental Agreement.

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